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Activity Books to Develop Young Minds

The mind of a child is an amazing thing.  They can teach us to look at the world from a new angle and can surprise us with their observations.  However, these things don't happen by accident.  when we give children the opportunity to learn and grow, we support their development for the rest of their lives.  At SAMABYSHABANA, I have created kid's activity books to keep your little one learning and inspired.

Kids Activity Book
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    Children 3-5 Pre K to Kindergarten

    This is a fun children's activity workbook for children 3-6 years old from Pre K to 1st grade. A wonderful homeschool workbook that's age appropriate with challenging lessons. Pre K to 1st grade students will enjoy learning and engaging in this colorful educational book with simple instructions on basic math and reading skills at their level with fun activities. Great for homeschool kids and teachers alike!

Sketch Book
For the Budding Designer
  • Description

    Very chic sketchbook for budding designer fashion diva artists who can put their imagination and dreams on paper. 120 blank pages with a simple and elegant design element to bring your ideas to life. Create the looks and design away! It makes a great gift!

Doodle It!
Doodle Draw Book
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    Doodle doodle doodle! Bring your imagination to this doodle book and just draw. Bring your ideas and passion and draw or doodle them in these 100 pages. Great for adults and kids alike!