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About Me

Sama Publishing is a woman-owned business established by Shabana Khan. She is a children’s book author with a new and fresh perspective helping children learn about diversity, friendship, and generosity. Her work is inspired by uncertain times and the hopes for a brighter future.

It is her hope that her short story collections will inspire children to be kinder, more tolerant, and have a positive mindset.

No stranger to the publishing world, Shabana creates and designs beautiful journals for children and adults, self-help books, and planners to help get through the day. All are available in her Amazon store.

In addition, Shabana enjoys designing digital products such as inspirational wall art, SVG files with amazing graphics, and downloadable coloring books for children and adults. Her creative edge gives her the ability to consistently design and add exciting new products to her Etsy store.

Let's all be a part of a community that spreads good vibes and inspires one another to be the best we can be through storytelling, art, and writing.

Journal of soul

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